10+ Best Movie Channels Available On Telegram

Well, if you have come here in search of film channels on Telegram, one thing is sure that you do not like to spend money and it is totally fine. Why spend on OTT if you can download similar quality movies and web series from Telegram.

Telegram is a kind of social media app, you must have seen I have called it a kind of social media. What makes the platform different from other social media platforms is the concept of channels. If you are new to Telegram or have never used Telegram before, let me explain the concept of channels to you? Channels are nothing, they are simply a group made up of general interests. If you want to join the channel of your interest then just search the channel, hit the join button and you can download any media posted in the channel. Well, we have listed the best movie channels on Telegram, take a look at them and join them to download the latest movies.

The best movie channels on Telegram are Global Movies English TV Show Series, Hollywood Netflix Movies HD, Movies HD Channel, WiiY Movies, Movie Series, Movies Now Channel, MoviesImpire, Riccristino, Cinema Company Official, Horror Movie Zone and Netflix Hollywood Bollywood Bollywood Movies. .

These are the best movie channels on Telegram, you can find and enjoy your favorite movie through these channels. All these channels correspond to the uploads of the latest movies and series.

Best Movie Channel on Telegram

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A detailed list of the film channels on Telegram is given below along with the link and number of people in the group. You can visit these channels through these links and search for your favorite movie.


Global Movies is a movie channel on the English TV show series Telegram. The channel is best known for providing a direct link to download Godzilla vs. Kingkong. If you do not have an ott subscription to watch the movie then download it from the channel. You can connect to the channel with the link given below.

Members: 48,000

Join link: Click here

Hollywood netflix movies hd

Hollywood Netflix Movies HD As the name suggests, what the channel will have. It is one of the movie channels on Netflix that has all the Hollywood movies that have been released on Netflix. If you don’t want to spend your money on buying a Netflix subscription, then join the channel and download your favorite Hollywood movie.

Members: 14,973

Join link: @hollywood_netflix_movies_hd

Movies hd channel

Movie HD channel is another movie channel on Telegram that will let you download high quality HD movies and series for free. Not just movies and we also air the series WWE episodes, which makes the channel one of a kind.

Members: 39,911

Join Link: @MovieHDChannel

YIFY movies

YIFY Movies is one of the perfect movie channels on Telegram. On Telegram channel you will find all types of Hollywood or Bollywood movies. The channel is highly popular due to timely film distribution by the producers.

Members: 128,896

Join link: @YTSmovies

Movie series

The movie series is another channel on Telegram. The channel offers movies and web series, but now the channel has started sharing shopping links as well. If you are fond of online shopping and that too at discounted rates, then you must subscribe to the channel.

Member: 81978

Join link: @nobigdeals

Movies now channel

The Movies Now channel is one of the best movie channels on Telegram. The channel is the right channel to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies and web series.

Members: 45678

Join link: @ movies_now_channel


MoviesEmpire is one of the most subscribed movie channels on Telegram. The channel has almost all releases from Hollywood and Bollywood. The channel became inactive in 2019 but all the films released before 2019 can be easily found on the channel.

Members: 51,205

Join link: @MoviesEmpire

Cinema Company Official

The official of the cinema company is one of the best film channels on Telegram. The channel has all Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You can connect directly to the channel from the link below and search for a movie or web series of your choice. Not only movies and web series, you can also download regional songs from the channel.

Members: 113,598

Join Link: @Cinema_Company

Horror movie zone

Horror Movie Zone is one of the best horror movie channels on Telegram. The channel name tells everything about the channel. The channel has a collection of English horror films. You can find all the Hollywood or Bollywood horror movies on the channel.

Members: 6,682

Join link: @horrormoviehub

Netflix hollywood bollywood movies

Netflix Hollywood Bollywood Movies is the channel of Telegram which contains almost all the latest movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. You need to connect to the channel through a link to the channel below. The quality of the uploaded movies is what makes the channel one of the best film channels on Telegram.

Members: 3691

Join link: Click Here

The conclusion

These are the best movie channels on Telegram which can be found on the Telegram app. You can download your favorite movies or web series from these channels. We have done a lot of research on these channels in Decilex.

Note: If you do not find any of these channels on Telegram, then instead of getting nervous write us in the comment section. As all these channels are posting videos without permission, copyright issues are likely. Write to us, we will provide you alternative channels.

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